Arghaël 13


Through his work in filming portraits and commercials, Arghaël became fascinated by the human body, captured through the prism of camera eyes and editing rooms. Looking for a more personal mode of expression, he turned to charcoal and canvas to explore the rawness of human intimacy.

To hone his skills, he studied charcoal drawing with live models at the Ateliers Beaux-Arts of Paris (Gérard Venturelli’s class). From then on, Arghaël’s work will question the mystery of the flesh, frontally probing the unconscious (with every hand’s stroke) to ultimately give birth on canvas. What the artist calls « un incident pictural», a pictural incident.

In his exploration of the human body, Arghaël will soon bare it all, viscerally exposing the body within.

His charcoal now captures flesh, bones and blood vessels to their bare essence as he draws his men and women on the walls of his ‘mental cave’, the canvas lying before his eyes like a second skin.

At times, his carbon giants with oversized limbs and evanescent faces seem to be floating in space, reflecting newfound freedom in the very act of drawing.
Arghaël’s creatures rise to life before our eyes, true metaphors for the creative process. His graphic approach, similar to compositing, allows telluric flashes, amplified by warm pastels and oil painting.To capture flesh in its primitive expression, and give intemporal elegance to his bigger-than-life creations, Arghaël uses charcoal.

His mineral compositions, his generous, nervous and sinuous strokes devour the canvas, question the visible, while his naked bodies expose the human flesh in its many folds, and the human envelope in all its asperities. Raw.

Encouraged by art-directors and curators he met in Berlin and Los Angeles galleries, Arghaël decides to show his work in Paris. In 2016, the Loo & Lou Gallery welcomes his first solo exhibition.


Born in Paris in 1974, August 16th, Arghaël developed an early passion for cinema and visual arts, which led him to study film and art history in Paris.
After spending 2 years in New York to hone his skills, Arghaël was hired by Duboi, one of the leading Visual Effects companies in Europe at the time.
His editing work on music videos and commercials rapidly won him recognition among his peers, and he started directing commercials where light held a significant role.
Arghaël currently lives in Paris where he’s painting and drawing with live models in his loft for different art galeries in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and soon, Shanghaï.
Self-taught as an artist, Arghaël has his first solo exhibition in 2016 at the Loo & Lou Gallery : RAW.                                                                                                            Almost simultaneously, Art Share L.A., in its Spring Gallery Series 2016, introduces his work to the Downtown art district.

In 2017, for his second solo exhibition at the Loo &Lou Gallery  – SKIN(S) – he presented his new drawings where work on/with colour, large formats and linen canvasses appeared for the first time.

Arghaël is currently preparing a solo show in Paris for 2019.


March 2019 Métamorphe(s), solo show at the Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris

August 2018 – Group Show – Red Wall – Sceaux
March 2018 – DDESSIN – Drawing Fair- solo Show -Paris
November 2016 – January 2017 : SKIN(S), solo Show, Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris
April 2016 : Show Grow Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles – Art District
February – April 2016 : RAW, solo show at the Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris
February 2016 : Shades of Winter, Art Share, Downtown Los Angeles



1974 : Born in Paris on August 16.

– From Journalism to Film

1993 : Studies journalism at ISCPA (the French Institut Supérieur des Médias)

1995 : Leaves for New-York where he free-lances for several French publications and discovers the city’s bubbling art scene. There starts his passion for visual arts and the indie American film scene.

1997 : Returns to Paris to join Duboi, the leading special effects house for film and advertising (Alien, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s The City of Lost Children etc…), where he explores all aspects of film-making.

1999 : Directs and edits a series of artists’ portraits for French movie channel Canal + (Les Rencontres Cinéma). His first attempt at catching the moment, exploring the body to get to the truth.

2006 A turning point

Albert Elbaz, LANVIN renowned artistic director, gives him carte blanche to direct an intimate portrait to be screened in New York during the CFDA Awards ceremony.

– From Film to Flesh

2006- 2015 : Directs commercials for international brands (Cartier, Dior, L’Oréal), filming bodies, questioning beauty and gender.

2008 – 2016 : Joins the Ateliers Beaux Art de Paris. A need for the raw, the body-to-body, soul-to-soul. B&W. Charcoal drawings with live, naked models. No camera but a living hand.

2016 : Self-taught as an artist, Arghaël was selected by Art Share in Down Town Los Angeles, to show his drawings at their Shades of Winter exhibition (Art Share 2016).

In February 2016, he had his first personal exhibition in Paris at the Loo & Lou Gallery : RAW.

In April 2016, a new exhibition in down town Los Angeles with multiple artists including Matt Smiley & Marilyn Manson.